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Little did they know, however, that their journey was far from over. On their way back to civilization, a unexpected danger arose. They were ambushed by a notorious gang of bandits who sought to rob them of their meager belongings, including the gold that the woman's father had found. With his six-shooter at the ready, Calloway was ready for action. He fired and defeated several of the bandits, but the outnumbered pair were quickly running out of time. "We need a plan," the woman cried as they dodged a hail of bullets. Calloway acknowledged and took charge. He gestured for the woman to retreat to safety, while he drew their fire with a few clever insults. As the bandits fixated upon Calloway, the woman carefully snuck up behind them with her own weapon. With a ferocious scream, she attacked the bandits, taking them by surprise and sending them running. With the danger ultimately passed, Calloway and the woman returned home. Their triumphant tale of resourcefulness and determination became the stuff of legend, and Calloway the cowboy with the wind lived on in the hearts of people for generations to come.
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